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Lisa London

Lead Vocals

Lisa London (aka Lisa McQuillan) trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London as an actor. She has been performing as a singer for many years in various duos and as a solo performer, singing mainly jazz-blues numbers and torch songs in bars and restaurants, but has also tackled trip-hop dance, folk and even sung classical music at weddings and funerals.


Lisa had her '15 minutes of fame' several years ago when she appeared on TV as 50's jazz singer Julie London on 'Stars in their Eyes'. She also used to perform a tribute act to her favourite singer Dusty Springfield. 


Lisa is a family history geek, a crazy cat lady, and still has her childhood collection of retro Sindy, Pippa and Daisy dolls.


About The Retro Dolls

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Formed in early 2019 by singer Lisa London and pianist Vivienne Oblivion, The Retro Dolls are a Bournemouth based music duo. Together they upcycle well-known Indie, Pop and Rock classics into groovy lounge and jazz-blues numbers. The duo have a great deal of fun choosing songs to give their special 'warped' treatment to and don't take themselves too seriously - this tongue-in-cheek sense of humour shines through in their performances, which are infectiously kitsch, warm, sexy, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! With a look somewhat inspired by an obsession with vintage Sindy dolls, The Retro Dolls absolutely love dressing up, and their stage outfits are chosen to suit each particular occasion or venue. 


The Retro Dolls are available to play in bars, restaurants, weddings, parties, festivals and other special events in the Bournemouth area - and further afield! 


If you think you'd like to hear Peggy Lee singing Nirvana songs, the Supremes covering Madonna or a Cure number rearranged by Burt Bacharach then you might just enjoy The Retro Dolls!


Vivienne Oblivion Piano/Backing Vocals

Vivienne Oblivion (aka Vivienne Kirk) has played piano and keyboards professionally all her working life in many swanky hotels and restaurants, in bands, in musical theatre productions and at weddings. She also uses her skills to teach others how to tickle the ivories. She currently works as a piano teacher for the award winning music charity Coda.

Vivienne had a lot of fun performing as accompanist to chanteuse and radio agony aunt, Lorelei Delane, in the alternative cabaret act Stranger Than Fiction.

Vivienne rides a motorbike, can be surprisingly convincing as a Drag King, and never owned a Sindy doll as a child - she had a Luke Skywalker doll.

Signor viv1.jpg

Who Are the retro Dolls?

Groovy jazzy lounge versions of indie and pop classics!


Listen to the Retro Dolls


Watch The Retro Dolls

Smells LIke Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Cellar Bar, Bournemouth

Saturday 14th September 2019

Life On Mars by David Bowie

Le Bateau, Lower Parkstone

Sunday 24th November 2019

Devil Woman by Cliff Richard

Cellar Bar, Bournemouth

Sunday 23rd July 2019

Girls On Film by Duran Duran

Le Bateau, Lower Parkstone

Sunday 24th November 2019

Picture The Retro Dolls


Talking about The Retro Dolls

Here are some of the comments made by people who have had The Retro Dolls Experience!

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

" As a gay man, I must say that was the best version of Madonna's 'Borderline' I've ever heard! "


" I love the groovy jazz twist on the songs "

" The Retro Dolls are now my favourite band - hurry up and release more of your warped tracks "

" I want more, more, more of the delectable & witty Retro Dolls "

" Beautiful voices and great vibes! "

Staff member - Le Bateau

Luap Rekcut - The Mother Ukers

" Like a Poundland 'Postmodern Jukebox' "

Contact The Retro Dolls

To book The Retro Dolls for your event or for any other enquiry please contact:-


telephone: 07412 951617


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